Monday, March 2, 2009

The Letter that Let Life Go

"I wish for the day when I don’t remember you anymore.

Life, for once was perfect; seeing you was like losing all senses of sorrow and pain, being with you was like having dreams float around me like wayward clouds. Whatever there was between us was made of joy; it never stopped drizzling. With you, I never wanted another sunshine.

But then attentions diverted, new faces, new names, new curves laid in our path; taking a right turn doesn’t always make you right. Our story was never clichéd, but it seems that our end will be. When you sat in the church, right next to me and asked me to never doubt your sincerity; I knew there was something wrong, you never had to ask me this. You knew, I would never doubt you; and I would know that there was something, some path, some curve you had chosen for yourself which would make me doubt you, your intentions, your sincerity.

Taking a right turn doesn’t always make sense.

You chose another path; a path where I would never walk, a turn I would never take. What went wrong, I know. Time elapsed. Time that was suppose to stay between us. There is still time between us; but that of a distance, that of a memory. And that time will always keep adding to itself.

Your will for change will take you away from me and my arrogance will not let me stop you. This is how it is, this is how it will always be. I never got tired of looking at your face, but now this is the face that’s fading away in my memory. Your voice is a distant whisper; your eyes a hazy glimmer.

I am not going to wait for the day when I won’t be able to recall your face.

Today is that day."

~Amar Saleem

P.S. I just love this piece of writing by Amar!

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|eemz said...

Okay! what a powerful piece. Strong emotions just got kicked in. But i hate it.

I stopped listening to music couple of years back, just because they were "so true", so close to reality. Triggered some deep thoughts, some hidden memories, some unforgettable realities. Uh! and now having read this, i feel everything is just coming back again, not good, not good.
Oh man!