Friday, October 24, 2008

You Made Me ...

You made me fall. Fall on my knees that I now kneel closer to the ground.

You made me gasp. Gasp so that I now know how to live with my breath on hold.

You made me desiccate. Desiccate so bad that my eyes are free of tears now.

You made me steady. Steady that I keep moving now even when i get nowhere.

You made me submit. Submit and let go of myself.

You made me get chocolate. Get chocolate for every person I know, almost everyday of my life.

You made me love. Love every other creature so that my love for you seems justified.

You made me dream. Dream every night to live it enough with you to learn to unlive it all.

You broke me. Broke me so many times that i gather myself everyday now.

You made it easy. Easy to say "I love you".