Monday, March 28, 2011

From Loneliness to Solitude

Picture by Aks Pixels

At a time when an ailment/calamity expires your body and nerves, everyone leaves you. Every human master will comprehend it to be a disobedience. Every human lover will comprehend it to be an infidelity. For people only have a taste for things that are all fixed. For people are more stubborn about hating than loving.

تو بچا بچا کے نہ رکھ اسے ، تیرا آئنہ ہے وہ آئنہ
کے شکستہ ہو تو عزیز تر ہے نگاہ آئنہ ساز میں 
اقبال ~

You're left alone to confront your worst fears. Once you learn to embrace them patience falls to your rescue. Loneliness transforms into solitude. It is then you realize that the unrest overwhelmed your senses, only because you didn't want everyone to leave you alone; only because you couldn't let go of everything that never wanted to be yours.

 جو میں سر بہ سجدہ ہوا کبھی، تو زمین سے آ نے لگی صدا 
تیرا دل تو ہے صنم آشنا، تجھے کیا ملے گا نماز میں 
اقبال ~


M. Hassan M. said...

Finally :)

Monay said...

This last shair is so familiar :)

Saira Andleeb said...

It's by Allama iqbal. And you must have heard me use it before too.